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2 Out Of 3 Rural Shops Do Not Have A Website Solution. Virtual Storefronts Is Fixing That By Putting Main Street Online.

End Your Website Problems For Good For $18/mo or $199/yr

Better Than A Website

Nothing to build. Nothing to register. No technology to manage. Our Ambassador creates your Storefront for you in days with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Search Engine Winner

Most Storefronts are coming up hundreds of times a month in searches with keywords on your Storefront, the same keywords local shoppers can use to plan their trip to your local business.

Real Life Business

Unlike e-commerce, Storefronts leverage the local shop’s #1 asset: A physical location in a place. Storefronts connect online customers to your offline store.

Virtual Storefronts Logo Pennants

1. Request New Storefront

Nothing to build. Nothing to register. Our Ambassador creates it for you in days for a low monthly rate. Order a Storefront in 5 minutes.

2. Pick Your Plan

Probably the first time your website budget can be covered with petty cash. Monthly subscribers add $50 setup fee or DIY setup

3. We Text You A Link

Your Ambassador, a real human assigned to build your Storefront, texts you your link.

Google and other search engines begin indexing your Storefront to show up in Search Results

Virtual Storefronts Logo Pennants

Simply Affordable For Every Shop

Like The Yellow Pages Of Last Century, Virtual Storefronts Are An Alternative To E-Commerce That Effortlessly Puts Main Street Online

Virtual Storefronts is the easiest and fastest combined Website & SEO Solution possible. Being found online is what being in the yellow pages and what having a prominent storefront used to be pre-internet. It’s as important as having a phone line. 68% of our customers didn’t have a website before signing up with VS. Now they not only have a website solution, they have an SEO and local shopper solution — all for only $199.

Your Storefront

Features Of A Virtual Storefront

We are a website solution with a built in search function that tells shoppers more about any locally-owned shop or professional service than 99% of local retail websites. Shoppers discover and access local shops in a simple and effective way using unique keywords linked to each individual shop…and yet your Storefront requires zero time to run.

Like Airbnb, Our Goal Is To Connect Online Shoppers With Amazing Offline Experiences

We Solve Many Problems For Our Merchant Customers, With No Extra Work

Storefronts Are An Economical Alternative To The Major Expense And Hassle Of A Website
Storefronts Are An Economical Alternative To The Major Expense And Hassle Of A Website

No Gotchas. No Hidden Costs. All Inclusive Service.

No Effort

Required To Keep A Storefront

DIY Option

10 Minute Basic Setup – Setup Now


Flat Rate, All Features Included


More Keyword Data Than 99% Of Local Shop Websites

With A No Risk 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, Why Not Order Your Storefront Today?